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$265/mo.* Starting at $395/mo.*
*billed monthly *billed monthly
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Collect data via any iPad/iPad mini
  • Fully Customizable Photos and Concerns
  • Customizable Patient Data Fields
  • Real Time Results via Text and Email
  • Free Monthly Reports
  • Bi-Monthly Targeted Practice Prepared Email Campaigns
  • Complimentary Mailchimp Account Setup & Administration
  • Achieve Increased
    Beauty Industry Email Open Rates
  • Free Downloadable Data (cvs, xls)
  • Detailed campaign reporting
* * *
Unlimited surveys yes yes
Collect Pertinent Demographic Data yes yes
Works on any iPad/iPad mini yes yes
Free Download from Apple App Store yes yes
Fully Customizable Application yes yes
Secured Administrative Web Control Panel Access yes yes
Customized Features of your Cosmetic Interest Questionnaire include: yes yes
Unlimited Photo Uploads yes yes
Use Individualized Practice Logo yes yes
Unlimited Survey Questions/Complaints/Procedures yes yes
Customizable Ordering of Questions yes yes
Customizable Required (*) Entry Fields yes yes
Customizable Unlimited Staff Notifications yes yes
-includes Text Messaging Notifications to any device yes yes
-includes Email Notifications yes yes
-includes Custom Data Options yes yes
Link unique practice Patient Chart ID to link Data (for more tech savvy users)    
All Browser Web Access from Mac/PC and mobile devices yes yes
Real-time Data Download (xls, csv) yes yes
Receive instantaneous data from all submission (to any email, cell phone, or other mobile device) yes yes
Receive Weekly reports    
Receive Monthly reports yes yes
Auto Categorize "Similar" Interest Questions (e.g., Botox, Frown Line)   yes
Data Segregation Sorted into Multiple Categories yes yes
Receive Segregated Data Reports for Highest Ratings yes yes
Requires Additional Mailchimp Account*   yes
*Set up by SHAPE (for no additional fee)
Administrative control guarantees best marketing practice
(Separate Mailchimp fees are paid to Mailchimp only)
Receive Routine Open Rate and Click Thru information    
Routine Email List Updates    
Link any iBook, app, website, email link for education and marketing    
Send patient satisfaction surveys to patients   yes
Link Allergan Patient Satsifaction Survey